About Clavardez avec nos bibliothécaires

Clavardez avec nos bibliothécaires ("Chat with our Librarians") is a collaborative virtual reference service that offers real-time research assistance in French through chat to students, faculty and researchers from four participating universities across Ontario.

Clavardez avec nos bibliothécaires is the francophone version of the Ontario Council of University Libraries' existing English-language chat service, Ask a Librarian. It launched as a pilot virtual reference service in September 2014, made possible through funding from the Canada-Ontario Agreement on French-Language Services awarded to the University of Ottawa.

Clavardez avec nos bibliothécaires began as a collaboration between the libraries of the three Ontario universities with bilingual mandates: the University of Ottawa, Laurentian University, and the Glendon campus of York University.

How does Clavardez avec nos bibliothécaires work?

Users are served by bilingual librarians and library staff from participating Ontario universities, along with bilingual mentees who are current students or recent graduates of Masters-level programs in library or information studies.

Using LibraryH3lp's chat software, library staff members and mentees engage with users to answer library- and research-related questions. During their shifts, Clavardez operators also use an interactive staff space to communicate with each other to coordonate chat transfers and share knowledge when answering questions. When the service is closed, each question entered by a user is automatically routed to their home library's reference inbox.

Like Ask a Librarian, Clavardez avec nos bibliothécaires is offered 67 hours per week. One bilingual operator is scheduled for each shift. The number of operators can be increased to meet demand as the service expands to more libraries.

The following institutions are currently participating:

Laurentian University
University of Ottawa
Saint Paul University
York University - Glendon campus

For more information about Clavardez avec nos bibliothécaires, or to find out how your library can join the service, contact ocul@ocul.on.ca